Bio Based Industries PPP

Programos prioritetai:

  • BBI 1 - Bio-based polymers/plastic materials with new functionalities for medical, construction, automotive and textile industries
  • BBI 2 - Biomass production on unused land for conversion into added-value products while ‘boosting rural and industrial development’
  • BBI 3 - Converting bio-based feedstocks via chemical building blocks into advanced materials for market applications
  • BBI 4 - Improve sustainability of value chains based on forest biomass and increase productivity and profitability on supply side by adapting forests to climate changes
  • BBI 5 - Improvement and adaptation of industrial crop varieties and novel sources of biomass to diversify biomass feedstock for biorefineries
  • BBI 6 - New and optimised biorefinery approaches enabling the creation of local value chains in underdeveloped or unexploited areas
  • BBI 7 - New sources of proteins for animal feed from co-products to address the EU protein gap
  • BBI 8 - Optimise technical production routes to bio-based chemicals in bio- or chemo-catalytic processes
  • BBI 9 - Valorisation of by-products or waste-streams from the food processing industry into high added-value products for market applications
  • BBI 10 - Valorisation of lignin and other side-streams to increase efficiency of biorefineries and increase sustainability of the whole value chain
  • BBI 11 - Valorisation of the organic content of Municipal Solid Waste and contributing to the renewable circular economy